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Tea Masters

Jane Pettigrew


From owning her own teashop in London in the 1980s, Jane has gone on to write 13 books on various aspects of tea and worked for 6 years as Editor of Tea International, journal to the Tea Trade. She has also acted as consultant to and trained staff in five star hotels and tea rooms in Britain, the USA, Russia and Italy. She speaks at conferences around the world on different tea related topics, and has worked on several projects with the United Kingdom Tea Council. She appears regularly on television and radio.

Tim Clifton


As one of the principal tea tasters and previously Chairman of one of London's leading tea brokers, Tim has a vast knowledge of teas, tea plantations and factories in many parts of the world. He has also, over the years, been a Director of the United Kingdom Tea Council, Vice Chairman of the International Tea Committee, and Chairman of Tea Brokers Central Africa. He now works as consultant to various tea businesses around the world, including Tregothnan Tea Estate in Cornwall.