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Passionate Tea Movement

Jane Pettigrew, International Tea Consultant and Writer

In 1983, with two friends, Jane opened and ran Tea-Time, an art deco style teashop in southwest London. Since those busy but fun days, she has written 12 books on various aspects of the beverage, its manufacture, associated table wares, rituals, history and recipes. Over the years, she has also worked as editor of Tea International, as Managing Director of St James's Teas and as consultant and trainer to The UK Tea Council. She regularly trains staff at some of London's most important five star hotels including the Dorchester, Grosvenor House, the Waldorf, Browns and The Savoy and runs monthly Tea Masterclasses for anyone who wants to know more about tea in order to enhance their business or personal life. Jane speaks at conferences and events around the world and appears regularly on television and radio.


+1 #2 Cinnabar 2011-11-09 02:36
This is a wonderfully eloquent description of the journey that so many of us have embarked on with tea. It really covers the question "why tea?" with a thoroughness that few others have managed in a 12 minute interview!
+1 #1 Gail Gastelu 2011-11-08 16:07
Wonderful interview with Jane! Thanks for sharing.

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